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Natalie - Managing DirectorManaging Director | Principal Photographer

Diving into the world of photography Natalie was trained by renowned photographer, Robert Whitaker (Iconic British photographer whose work included The Beatles, Dali, Vietnam War amongst many other subjects.) With a start to a career with one of the leaders in the industry, her photography has taken her around the world from New York to Paris and London, gathering ideas and experience as well as fuelling the passion and creativity she is renowned for along the way.

As co-director of Oneill & Page Studios and with over 25 years of experience Natalie’s experience and creativity is fed with a love of art and soaking up unknown artists’ works at touring Exhibitions and unique galleries. Natalie’s diverse skills and personable approach to her photography translate into exceptional results.


One minute with Nat

What do you like to do in your spare time? Snorkeling on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in particular the Marine Par; visiting unknown exhibitions

What is your favourite sport? Music; fashion – wearing it and photographing it, I definitely consider fashion a sport!

What is your guilty pleasure? French champagne and escaping under the sea!

Any last words: The most important ingredient in a great image is time. Take the time to understand the moment, what the client wants to achieve and what’s important to them and the result will always be the right image.